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[Echoes of Rom, Neitzche’s Circus, Genesis, and Words and Deeds are all collaborations with Kim Vetter. Video and details of these works are here.]

Neitzche’s Circus (2006, 15 minutes)
piano score for dance-theater

Genesis (2005, 20 minutes)
electronic score for modern dance
This is a mostly abstract work that mines the concepts of evolution
(Darwinism) for the wealth of images and sound they suggest.
Almost all of the music is vocal, though some of the singing
has been altered by distortion.

Echoes of Rom (2003, 10 minutes)
choral score for modern dance
This was composed as a staged work for 6-10 singers.
It has been performed as accompaniment to a dance solo.

Words and Deeds (2002, 20 minutes) webpage
theater-dance, cello and pre-recorded
A mediation on the tragic events of 1993 involving the Branch
Davidians and Federal agents in Waco, Texas.

Multimedia and performance with actors

Words and Deeds, actor version (2007, 20 minutes)
theater, cello, 2 actors, sound designer
This version has a greatly updated spoken component, and the
pre-recoded material is now controlled through samples, and
is much more flexible.

Jeffrey Dahmer Drinks a Cup of Coffee (2002, 4 minutes)
a scene for 2 actors
tenor, baitone, 2 pianos (also 1 piano version)
Text by Bridget Carpenter
This song was my first piece to have a warning label
attached to it for the performance. Another one was 2002’s
Words and Deeds.

Information, Knowlege, Wisdom, Truth, Beauty, Love, Music
(2001, 16 minutes) webpage
singers, dancers, piano, pre-recorded music
Co-composed with Szu-Hsien Lee
This is a multi-media piece, heavy on dance. The singing
isn’t songs, but it is attractive. It blends live performace
using unconventional instruments played by the dancers–
horns out of pvc pipe, etc–with pre-recorded sound.

Body by Gran (Baby) (1997, 5 minutes)
SAT soloists, 2 percussionists
This is a wacky theater kind of piece that uses the word
“baby” as (almost) it’s sole text source. It came out of a
conversation about how none of my friends at the time used
the word baby with their girls. With all the white hip
hoppers maybe that has changed. The piece is funny and cool.

Theater and Film scores

She Kills Monsters (2015)
Underscore for the play by Qui Nguyen. “Deceptively breezy and rather ingenious. The whole enterprise is kind of dopey and kind of invigorating and kind of remarkable. It will slash and shapeshift its way into your heart.” – The New York Times

Twelfth Night (2014) webpage
Songs and underscore for the Shakespeare play. This production set on a island amongst society Paris Hilton would be comfortable in. The songs include a mid-tempo ballade and a hip-hop version of “Hey, ho the wind and the rain,” and a ballade of “Come Away Death.”

The Big Meal (2013, 30 minutes of underscore) webpage
play underscore

John of England (2010, 35 minutes of underscore) webpage
play underscore
Music for the rarely-produced Shakespeare play.

Cancellation Hearts (2009, 70 minutes) webpage imdb
This score is mostly made up of sung music, much of it
processed electronically.

Musicals and Opera

Jack vs. Giants (2010, 1 hour)
A children’s musical.
Book and lyrics by Christina Biggs.
5 actors.
The great-great-great grandson of Jack returns up the bean-tree
and unleashes the giants on an unsuspecting metropolis. But,
Penelope, a bookworm with an ear for history helps him heed his
grandmother’s advice and save the city.

The Perfect Feet (2007, 35 minutes)
A one-act musical.
Book by Eric H. F. Law, lyrics by Christina Biggs.
4 Actors.
The world’s most famous foot model is guided through a homeric
quest up an elevator to her most important gig by
her assistant Cindy who’s life will be changed forever.

True Believers (2006, 2 hours)
A rock musical
Book and Music, Charles Gran. Lyrics, Nikos Tsakalakos
Bridget gets a job at SuperQuick, gains ultimate power over the
universe, then uses it to reunite her favorite rock-band. The four
musicians find themselves playing for the fate of the world.

The Pitch (2005, 15 minutes)
A mini-musical.
Book by Neville Johnson, Lyrics by Nikos Tsakalakos
Includes: “This is It”, “The Final Audit”, “A Simple Home”

Hungry (2000)
opera in one act
Candice’s aggressive diet alters her perception of reality–
and now she’s really hungry.


Introducing (a remix of expectations) (2008, 6 minutes) webpage
electroacoustic pre-recorded
Musique concrete meets top-40 mash-up. So 2008… and 1608.

Breathing India (2000)
electroacoustic pre-recorded

Also see the works in Dance and Multimedia as well as The Nice Model fro cello and vocoder, Tick-Tock for oboe and electronics, Sensing Angels for clarinet and electronics, and She Begins for 2 flutes and electronics.


The Aviary (2016, 8 minutes)
A collection of very short movements on birds: Tidings of Magpies, A Charm of Finches, A Mob of Emus, A Parliament of Owls, A Murder of Crows, An Exaltation of Larks.

My Beating Heart (2015, 8 minutes)
big band (jazz)
Funky single-movement work for large jazz ensemble.

I saw a man (2014, 10 minutes)
oboe, soprano, piano
An instrumental drama of the poem by Stephen Crane. The soprano sings the text at the end.

The Nice Model (2013, 8.5 minutes)
cello and vocoder
The vocoder part is also avaliable pre-recorded.

The Rise: five memories (2012, 10 minutes)
The aspect / reflection; Travelling the foothills / Sunset; The camp at night / Daybreak; The journey, canon at the fourth; The rise.

Tick-Tock (2011, 11 minutes)
oboe with pre-recorded drum track
1. The Party., 2. The Morning.
Boy meets girl, oboe meets drum machine.

Sensing Angels (2009, 18 minutes) webpage
clarinet with computer manipulation
This piece uses the free csound software with midi control
to create an engaging solo work for the clarinet.

She begins (2007, 8 minutes)
2 flutes, and sound design
This is a a short suite of three dances.

Spin Cycle (2007, 7 minutes)
flute, cello, piano
A piece built on various pop music styles (and a waltz).

Heart’s Express (2005, 11 minutes)
orchestra: fl.3, cl.2, bass cl, cbbsn, sax.4 (s, 2a, t),
4 horn, 3 c tpt, 2 tbn, tuba, synth, sequencer, e guitar, 2 perc,
hrp, pno, strings (1/2 cb w/ c extension)

Hidden Places (2002, 14 minutes) webpage
sonata for pianoforte in three movements

the_chill room (2001, 7 minutes)
chamber: clarinet, flute, piano, vibraphone

Rough Riders (2001, 10 minutes)
1 – “Tango de las navajitas” A biting little tango in a
dissonant, Stravinskian style. 2 – “Stride Machine” Based on
saloon piano styles.

Fantastic Symmetry (2000)
3 percussionists, drum machine
One of my works that uses pop gestures and textures through
the filters of my compositional processes.

West of Center (1996, 6 minutes)
violin and piano
Meant to be a breezy little number that is still challenging.

Brahms is Dead (1994, 12 minutes)
harpsichord sonata in three movements
i. Fast, ii. Walking or less, iii. Quickly, Dancing

Solo Vocal

War is Kind (2007, 20 minutes)
high baritone/tenor (to A)
A setting of poems by Stephen Crane
“Three little birds”, “In the desert”, “I have a thousand tongues”,
“Comrade! Brother!”, “In the night”, “Ranged in Rows”, “War is Kind.”

The Longing (2005, 6 minutes)
soprano/high-mezzo (to g), piano
Text by Nikos Tsakalakos

The Dream of the Rood (2001, 4 minutes)
high voice
A setting of a famous anglo-saxon poem.

Of Mountains (1992, 15 minutes)
medium voice
A setting of five poems by Peter Viereck


Ichiban (2002, 8 minutes)
choral: SSAATTBB, 3 movements
This piece presents an outsider’s vision of Japan.
i. Shinknsen, ii. Dekai, iii. Shinjiunrui

I Love (1993, 20 minutes)
Mixed chorus (SSATBB), soloists (ST), four percussionists, electric organ
text by Anakreon, Archilochos, Sappho